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Spacious country house with plot of land and good location situated in a lively village 100 km away from Sofia, Bulgaria

19 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3324


For Sale

in the mountains

Area:  1200 m2

Living area:  200 m2


Spacious country house with nice plot of land located in the center of a lively village with picturesque surroundings just 90 minutes away from Sofia and Sofia International Airport. The house has two floors connected via solid internal staircase made of carved stone blocks. The ground level has two separate entrances. This makes the house suitable for separation into two different living areas so more than one household can live in the building. The entrance located at the left side of the house leads straight to the stairs. From here one can go to a door through the right and enter the ground floor, go down into the basement or go up and get to the second level and the spacious attic. The second entrance of the house is situated on the right side. If you go through it, you enter into the ground floor and you get into the kitchen. From this room one can proceed further into the building and enter into a common room which in the past served as dining and seating area. To the left are the spacious living room and very big and bright bedroom. At the bottom of the common room you can find a premise which served as toilet but can be rearranged to make place for a shower too. The owners had started some renovations in the premises here. All the wiring is changed but needs a bit of finishing such as new sockets and light switches. Also some of the pipes in the toilet have been changed and the removal of the tiles in order for the premise to be rearranged and renovated had started. Almost all of the furniture from the rooms downstairs was removed so the area is ready for work. The second floor has roughly the same layout as downstairs. There are two bedrooms here, big common room used as seating area, another premise and two terraces. The big terrace offers huge amount of outdoor space partially covered by the shade of an old linden tree. From spring till autumn one can enjoy sitting here admiring the peace and quiet, the clean, fresh air and the sun or stay in the shade of the linden. In late spring the blossoming linden tree fills the area with its sweet aroma. From both terraces one has great views towards the village square, the surrounding area, the yard, the neighboring houses. You can also see the hills and forest located not far away and enjoy the views towards the distant mountain tops covered in snow. If you go further up the stairs you get to the attic. This area of the house provides plenty of additional space which can be easily transformed into fully usable storage or even living area. Here you can make you hobby room, office or create space for all the clothes and small items that you don`t use at the moment. The house also has cool basement situated beneath it. It is accessible through the internal staircase as it goes all the way down to it. Several shelfs, one room and additional storage space can be found here. Outside the property is separated from the other houses and the street with solid fence. In some areas it needs a bit of repairs. On the left side of the building one can find gate and driveway which are used as parking space and also provide access for vehicles to the garden. The property had been empty for many years now so it needs renovation in order to be brought to modern day living standards. The big yard that comes with it give plenty of options for further development as well as open space which can be used for the construction of additional structures like annex, garage, workshop, tools shed, guest house, gazebo, playground, etc. The village where the property is situated is surrounded by hills and forest. Within a few kilometers distance from here one can go fishing at a big river, visit a beautiful monastery or get on the train and go to the national capital city Sofia, the regional capital Vratsa and many other parts of Bulgaria including Veliko Tarnovo, the seaside, etc. The village is relatively big and lively. It has post office, mayor`s office, café-bar, grocery store, small library. There are two towns within 20 minutes driving distance from here. There you can visit a doctor or dentist, buy construction materials, furniture and tools, electrical appliances, shoes, clothing, etc. Big rural property with plenty of living space and good location less than two hours away from international airport and national capital.

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