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Old country house with barn, farm buildings and big plot of land located in the outskirts of a quiet village 45 km away from Vratsa, Bulgaria

12 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3550


For Sale

in a village

Area:  2730 m2

Living area:  208 m2


Old country house with spacious annex, farm buildings and big plot of land situated in the outskirts of a small village 45 km away from Vratsa, Bulgaria. The main building has two floors with separate entrances. The ground level of the house consists of two premises – spacious room which used to be workshop and next to it is the basement. Above them is the second floor which one can reach over a short external staircase. Inside you enter into a short corridor which leads to big living room. From here you can enter two more rooms – master bedroom and second, smaller bedroom. The annex which is situated near the house was built several years later and provides more living space. The building has very big enclosed porch which can be rearranged and used in several different ways. It has two entrances – one, which is from the side of the house and another, which is close to the farm buildings and the main gate of the property. Inside the annex you can find kitchen, dining room, one more bedroom and premise for bathroom. Near the annex and the street is the row of farm buildings which includes two barns (big and small), storage and additional storage structure located almost in the middle of the yard. The property is surrounded from most sides by solid fence which is currently in bad shape and needs repairs in a few places. There are a couple of neighboring properties around but all except one are currently empty. From the far end the property borders the fields and there is a small forest area close to another edge of the property. The place had been empty for more than 8 years now so it is not in its best shape. It requires certain amount of renovation as well as time and money to be invested in it. In exchange it will give its new owner plenty of peace, quiet, clean fresh air and sun. The soil here is also very good so those who like gardening will be very happy with the conditions present. The yard already has a couple of cherry trees, some vines, peach trees, walnuts, figs. The empty space left will satisfy those who have a green thumb as well as any pets that one might have. The property is about 3-4 minutes away by car from the center of the village and the local shop. The settlement is about 45 km away from the regional capital city Vratsa and 20-25 km away from the nearest town Krivodol. In both towns one can find shops and stores, café-bars, school and kindergarten, train station, administrative services, gas station, car service station, pharmacy, doctor, dentist, etc. Old rural property with big yard, many buildings and quiet location up for sale.

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