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Big rural property with business potential

32 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3076


For Sale

in the countryside

Area:  3000 m2

Living area:  200 m2

Floors:  1

Rooms:  8


Big countryside property with three garages, orchard and bakery situated in a village 60 km to the north from Vratsa, Bulgaria. The property is divided in two parts. The first part holds the house, a big and very well maintained plot of  land (with vegetable garden and vineyard in it), two garages, gazebo, barn, farm buildings and small annex. The second part of the property is across the street from the house. It consists of a solid bakery with garage and nice orchard. The house has one floor. Through a small lobby one gets access to a big living room and kitchen. Two spacious bedrooms are accessible through the living room while the kitchen provides access to a small closet and the bathroom. The house also has a basement underneath and some attic space which could be used as additional storage. Next to the house is the nice garden gazebo – a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the early morning. A couple of meters away from the gazebo is the first garage. It represents an one level, long &  spacious structure which used to hold a tractor and its equipment in the old days. From here one can go through the plot of land and reach the farm building located at the far end. The garden is very well maintained and provides lots of space as well as vineyard, vegetable garden, flower patch, several fruit trees, fruits, etc. The soil in this area is very good and fertile. The garden has a homemade irrigation system which is very easy to use and maintain while at the same time being good and effective. The barn provides storage area and together with the near farm buildings is used as home for some chicken, rabbits & turkeys. There is a separate storage room for fire wood and construction materials here which is individually supplied with water. The property has a separate entrance here which in the past was used for the grazing cattle in order to be able to reach the fields fast and easy without the need to cross the yard. At the back of the house one can find the second garage and the small annex attached to it. The garage has a pit and can hold one car. There is a driveway in front of it which can hold another vehicle. The small annex attached to the garage has a short lobby and one premise which was used as a living room and kitchenette. Here in the past the owners used to spend the summer afternoons after working in the garden. The second part of the property is just across the street from the house. Here one can find a solid one level structure which was an operating bakery until several years ago. All the equipment is still here and production can be restarted very easy. Except for the production facilities, the bakery also has a small bathroom with shower, a changing room and a big garage used as loading area. At the back of the building is the orchard – a nice, spacious patch of land with many fruit trees primarily apple and plum but there are peach, apricot, cherry and pears as well. The property is located in the outskirts of the village in proximity to wide open fields. Altogether the house, the bakery and the land provide good conditions for a small countryside business. The bakery has being built in such a way that a second floor above it was envisaged but this never materialized. The village where the property is situated is just a few kilometers away from the seat of the local council. Three kilometers from here one can enjoy fishing and camping along the banks of a big river. The same can be done at the dam located in the outskirts of one of the neighboring villages. The Danube, which is one of the biggest rivers in Europe, is within less than half an hour drive from here. There is a ferry crossing the river and going to Romania at the same distance. The area around is agricultural and is suitable for many farming activities. The property is about 10 minutes away by foot from the center of the village. There one can find primary school, a couple of small shops, café-bar, the local post office, bus stop and mayor`s office. There is also a gas station down the main road. The nearby village which is about 5 km away is the seat of the local council. There one can get access to administrative services, ATM, bank office, kindergarten, primary school, general store, construction material store, car wash, police station, pharmacy, small market as well as bus connections to the regional capital Vratsa. Big rural property with lots of potential for the development of a small family business in the countryside.

   Regulated plot of land

   Plot of land

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   Building permission


   Act 16



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