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Rural property with two houses, garage, barn and plot of land located near the center of a big village 30 km away from Vratsa, Bulgaria

12 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3368


For Sale

in a village

Area:  1100 m2

Living area:  167 m2


Big rural property with two houses, barn and plot of land located in a quiet side street just 100 meters away from shop, café-bar and post office. The real estate is situated near the center of a lively village about 30 km away from the City of Vratsa, Bulgaria. The main building has one floor. It consists of terrace, corridor with small kitchenette, bathroom, living room and bedroom. There is also a basement beneath the house and a garage attached to the side of the building. Not far away from here is the second house. It is an older structure dating back to the late 1940s. It has two floors connected via external staircase made of carved stone blocks. Downstairs one can find storage room with fire place in it, short corridor and kitchen with small dining area. There are three bedrooms upstairs. The area between the two houses is covered and can be used as sitting area and/or to create an outside BBQ area, additional storage, etc. The plot of land is located behind and between the two buildings and holds outside toilet, barn and a couple of other small farming structures which used to provide home and shelter for animals many years ago. Most of the secondary buildings including the barn have seen better days and would appreciate a bit of repairs but they are not in very bad condition and with some efforts and time can be easily transformed into storage areas, workshops, etc. The two houses in the plot have been empty for couple of years and also require a bit of attention. The newer structure is in very good condition and requires mostly work on the interior. The older, second house needs a bit more work but again mainly on the inside. The property is located on a quiet side street just about 100 meters away from the center of the village. There are two tarmac roads just about 20-30 meters away from the house. They both lead to the center and the main square where one can find the mayor`s office, the post office, café-bar and grocery store. The village has train stop which is served by regional and local trains several times a day. The rail transport provides cheap and easy access to the regional center Vratsa and the near town of Krivodol which is the seat of the local council. One can get on the train and also go to the national capital city Sofia and many other places across Bulgaria. The area around the village is agricultural and the main business here is farming so there are no factories for miles and the locals can enjoy plenty of nice, clean fresh air, peace and quiet. There are two rivers passing in vicinity – one through the village and another just outside the settlement. The surroundings are also good for cycling, tracking, wildlife and landscape photography, painting, etc. Nice rural property with good location and lots of potential at a fair price. 

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