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Rural property with nice views located in a quiet village 100 km north of Sofia, Bulgaria

8 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3420


For Sale

in a village

Area:  1585 m2

Living area:  115 m2


Rural property with nice views and buildings situated in a quiet village 100 km north from Sofia, Bulgaria. The real estate represents an old country house with barn and plot of land located within the limits of the settlement and at a quiet side street just 50 meters away from the main road and bus stop. The property had been abandoned for more than 15 years now and is quite overgrown. On site one can find the foundations of an old house and further into the yard is the barn. The house had two floors with two rooms and a corridor on each level. When the current owners purchased the place many years ago they cleared it, demolished the second level of the house and began general repairs and reconstruction. After building a new concrete plate to serve as building foundation for the second floor, the project was stopped and remains like this until today. The structure is still in place but time had taken its toll on it so certain investments are required in order for the works to continue and be finished properly. The yard is good and spacious. It has solid stone fence from three sides and if cleared again can provide plenty of nice, open space and lots of sunlight. The soil here is also good so one can grow own vegetables and fruits or have fruit trees, a flower patch, etc. As the property is located on a corner it overlooks the valley, the distant mountains as well as some parts of the village. The panoramic views here are great all year round. The barn located in the middle of the yard has three premises and also used to hold the external toilet. The property had electricity and water which are currently turned off but can be reconnected relatively fast. The village is located just 12 km away from the nearest town which is also the seat of the local council. There one can find many shops and stores, supermarkets, hospital, dentists, farmer`s market, schools, kindergartens, construction material stores, hotels, restaurants, police station, fire station, bus station, train station with direct links to the national capital city Sofia, the regional capital Vratsa, the sea coast and many other parts of Bulgaria. In the village you can buy daily groceries from the local shop which together with the café-bar, the post office and the mayor`s office are just about 6-7 minutes away by foot from the property. One of the biggest rivers in Bulgaria, Iskar, runs about 5-6 km down the road from here. Around its banks you can go fishing and camping and not far away is a big monastery which along with a cave are the most popular tourist attractions within the vicinity of the settlement. The national capital city Sofia and Sofia International Airport are about two hours away from here by car. Old rural property with nice location, great views and lots of potential at a good price. 

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