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Rural property with nice location half an hour away from ski and spa resort in Bulgaria

13 900 €

Montana district

№: 3254


For Sale

in the countryside

Area:  2520 m2

Living area:  150 m2

Floors:  1

Rooms:  8


Big rural property located in a quiet village half an hour away from spa and ski resort in the Northwest of Bulgaria. The real estate consists of solid main building, secondary building and spacious plot of land. The new structure is a two bedroom house with one floor. It has corridor, living room, bathroom with toilet, kitchen and two bedrooms. The master bedroom has access to a terrace which provides views towards the main road, the neighborhood and the distant hills and forest. At the back of the main building one can find the old house. It is an early 20th century structure which is an example of native countryside architecture. This building is a mixture of stone, beautifully carved wood and raw bricks. The old house has one floor which is raised about one meter above the ground level. Underneath it is the basement and over a staircase, made of solid stone blocks, one can climb up in order to reach the big wooden porch – a lovely part of the structure, nicely ornamented with wood and providing wide angle panoramic views towards the surrounding area, the main road and the distant hills and forest. From here in the old days one could see every villager entering or leaving via the main road. Through the door one enters inside the long corridor. There are living room with kitchenette and two bedrooms here. Sadly but time has taken its heavy toll on this structure and it needs substantial repairs. Contrary to that, the modern house is in very good condition and needs just minor renovations. The property is located just across the street from a bus stop and is in proximity to small shop, the mayor`s office and the local post office. The main road of the village passes near the house. The plot of land is quite spacious and provides lots of open space as well as several walnut and fruit trees along with  some vines. They need some attention too. The village where the property is situated is within about half an hour drive away from the oldest spa resort in Bulgaria and a small ski resort town. The national capital city Sofia and Sofia International airport are about two hours away by car. The area around the village is a mixture of mountains, hills, forests and fields. There are two big cities within 20-25 km distance from the property. There one can find general hospital, kindergartens, schools, big supermarkets, various shops and stores, libraries, cinemas, theaters, sports grounds, police stations fire station, train and bus station, etc. Both cities have regular bus and train connections to and from the capital city Sofia as well as with many other parts of the country. Nice rural property with lots of potential looking for new owners. 

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