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Old rural property with spacious yard and quiet location 40 km away from two big cities in the Northwest of Bulgaria

8 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3180


For Sale

in the countryside

Area:  2200 m2

Living area:  120 m2

Floors:  2

Rooms:  6


Old country house with plot of land located in a quiet village near hills and fields 40 km to the northwest of Vratsa, Bulgaria. The property is situated in a quiet side street just about 100 meters away from small shop, café-bar and bus stop. The house has two floors connected via external staircase. The ground level holds long corridor with kitchenette, premise for bathroom, living room and dining room. The room which is left for a bathroom is tiled and there is running water in it but it still needs finishing work. The small kitchenette is on the other side of the wall and is at the bottom of the corridor. The area here provides enough space for a full size kitchen with all the necessary cupboards and electrical appliances. The other two premises here are the dining room and the living room which are identical in size. They provide good amount of covered area which needs some refurbishment and removal of most the existing old furniture. Over the solid external staircase one can go to the second floor which has the same layout as downstairs. There are corridor and three rooms here. Two of the rooms were used as bedrooms and the third premise was a storage area. This room can be turned into a bathroom as it is located exactly above the same type of premise located downstairs. There is a small terrace between the entrance of the second floor and the staircase coming from the lower level.  This area provides nice views from the property towards the rest of the village and the street. Most of the yard is located to the side and at the back of the house. The property is located on a slight slope so some of the backyard is higher than the rest of the ground. This was the place where vineyard used to grow in the past. Some of the vineyards are still here but they need to be replaced or to receive proper care. Several fruit trees such as apples and walnuts are spread around the yard giving plenty of fruits. The property also has a few small outbuildings – a solid storage shack in close proximity to the house, an old barn and another storage on the corner of the yard. The property had been empty for a few years now and requires some work and attention in order to become again the nice rural retreat it used to be. The village is about 20 km away from the nearest town and train station as well as within 40 km distance from two big cities located in the Northwest of Bulgaria – Vratsa and Montana. Sofia and Sofia International Airport are about 150 km away from here. The area around the village is agricultural and the main industry here is farming. There are no industrial facilities for many miles which grants the local inhabitants bundles of clean, fresh air and plenty of peace and quiet. The village has a café-bar, post office, two small grocery stores and mayor`s office. The mobile reception in the property is good. The house is just about 30-50 meters away from the main street of the village. Nice property with good potential at a very reasonable price.

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