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Old rural property with good road access situated just 6 km away from town, train station and big river

9 500 €

Vratsa district

№: 3364


For Sale

in a village

Area:  720 m2

Living area:  165 m2


Old country house with plot of land and good road access situated in a quiet village 6 km away from big river, train station and town. The property is located on the main street of the village and is less than five minutes away by foot from bus stop, post office, park, church, café-bar and small grocery store. The house has two floors with separate entrances for each level. The ground floor has two entrances – one from the street and another from the yard. Here you can find three rooms – big living room, storage room and basement. Over the short external staircase located at the back one can go to the second floor. It holds corridor, premise used as kitchen and two bedrooms. There is also a small balcony before you enter into the corridor. The house is attached to a small one room building and to the barn. The structure with one premise served as living room with kitchenette many years ago. It was used mainly during the summer in order to prepare the food here and keep the house cool. The barn has two levels. The ground floor holds storage space divided in two rooms. Above them is one very big premise that served as area for safe keeping of hay, corn, wheat and fire wood. The house comes with a moderate by size plot of land which is partially cleared of the weeds and bushes but its far end had turned into something like a small forest. This section can be cleared as well and used as space for a vegetable garden, fruit trees, flowers, etc. Currently there are a few vines and a very big pear tree in the property. There is also a driveway next to the house. As the house is located on the main road you have easy, direct, all year round access to tarmac road in good condition. The village is relatively small and quiet. It is surrounded by hills and fields. The nearest town is six kilometers away from here. It is the seat of the local council and has police station, dentist, gas station, emergency room, shops and bars, restaurant, construction material stores, etc. There is also a train station with regional and fast train connecting the town and the area around it with the national capital city Sofia, the regional capital Vratsa as well as many other towns and villages in the region and across Bulgaria, including Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, etc. There is a nice pine forest in the outskirts of the village and at about five kilometers from here one can go fishing at one of the biggest rivers in Bulgaria – Iskar. The vicinity of the village provides good conditions for cycling, tracking, wildlife photography and can inspire artists for their paintings. There are already a few foreigners living here and in the neighboring villages. The national capital city Sofia and Sofia International Airport are about 2 hours away from here. Rural property with good location and easy all year round access at a fair price.

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