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Old rural property with annex, garage, barn and land located in a village 40 km away from Vratsa, Bulgaria

9 500 €

Vratsa district

№: 3314


For Sale

in a village

Area:  1850 m2

Living area:  160 m2


Country house with annex and spacious plot of land situated in the outskirts of a quiet village 40 km north from Vratsa, Bulgaria. The property consists of house, annex, premise for garage, old barn and land. The real estate is located in a quiet neighborhood within the outskirts of a village situated in a farming area 40 km to the north from the City of Vratsa. The house has two floors. The ground level consists of big & wide corridor, closet and two rooms. Over the external stairs one can go to the second floor which has the same layout as the area downstairs. Here you find a wide corridor which connects two bedrooms and terrace that overviews most of the property as well as the street, the main gate and some of the neighboring properties. The house had been empty for a few years but is still solid although in need of renovations. The roof had been revised a couple of years ago and there aren`t any leaks but in many rooms the plastering is weak and needs to be redone. The previous owners had plans to renovate the house and except for the revision of the roof they started works on the electric grid which stopped at the point where most of the old wiring was removed and canals for the laying of the new wires were made but the actual cables were never put in place. The windows are old, with one layer of glass in most places and with wooden frames which can be repaired and restored in order to preserve the character of the place, or can easily be replaced with modern, double-glazed made of PVC or aluminium. Next to the house is the annex. It has brand new roof. This building has one floor and holds spacious sitting room, bedroom, short corridor and bathroom. Behind the annex is the garage area. Here one can find almost finished proper garage which needs some work in order to be completed and usable. It is possible to make direct entrance from the garage into the annex. Both the house and the smaller building have attic space which can serve as storage area for old tools, furniture, clothing, etc. The two buildings are located in one corner of the property which is near the street. Not far away from here one can find an old barn in bad but salvageable condition. This building is made of raw bricks and needs repairs but it can be transformed into workshop, second garage and storage area altogether. The land around it is divided from the rest of the yard with wired fence. In the past, the previous owners used this section of the property as home for their animals such as chicken, geese, ducks, pigs, sheep, etc. Most of the plot of land including the part of it around the house is in relatively good condition as a person from the village takes care of it. The property is divided from the neighboring properties with wired fence and the border between this place and the street offers solid fence with two gates and additional wired fence. There are two neighbors living on the street all year round. The rest of the houses around are empty which guarantees plenty of piece, quiet and clean, fresh air all the time. The village where the property is situated is nice and quiet. It is located in a valley, in vicinity to small lake and pine forest. The main business around is farming so the area is clean and there isn`t any industry for miles. In the center of the village one can find the local post office, the mayor`s office, grocery store, café-bar, primary school, etc. The property is about 10 km away from the nearest big village which also happens to be the seat of the local council. There one can go to do shopping, have the car fixed, visit a bank branch, get money from an ATM, receive administrative services, fill the car tank at the local gas station, visit a doctor or dentist, buy or order stuff from the local hardware & construction material store, go to farmer`s market, the library, the pharmacy. The big village also has regular bus connections to the regional center Vratsa and the national capital city Sofia. Nice old property with plenty of potential waiting for new owners.

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