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Old country house with storage building and nice plot of land in close proximity to bus stop, train stop, main road and river

7 500 €

Montana district

№: 3340


For Sale

in a village

Area:  1680 m2

Living area:  200 m2


Old country house with spacious garden situated in a small village near river 35 km away from Vratsa, Bulgaria. The property has been empty for a few years now and requires a good cleanup and renovations in order to be brought to modern day living standards. This real estate consists of main building (house) with two floors, big storage building situated next to it and nice, spacious plot of arable land. The house is located on the main street of the village and is divided from the road and the properties around with a solid fence thus providing more privacy. It consists of two floors connected via internal staircase. Downstairs one can find common room with small kitchenette, living room and basement. Over the stairs you can go to second floor where three bedrooms and small balcony are available. Behind the house is the storage building which holds four premises that served as grain storage, workshop, storage room for fire wood, tools and construction materials and the last room was animal shelter. Both buildings need general repairs and improvements in order to be brought back to real use. The property has main water supply as well as its own, private water source – a fresh water well. As in most properties in the countryside, in the last years of its usage, the well primarily served as cheap source for irrigation of the garden. The plot of land that comes with the house has several fruit trees in it, one of which is almost 100 years old. The yard needs a bit of clearing and attention but it can be easily tidied up. The house is situated just two minutes away from train stop and at three minutes walking distance from bus stop. The nearest town is about 7 km away from here and there one can find grocery stores, gas station, administrative services, police station, fire station, doctor, dentist, library, etc. There are another small town at about 12 km distance in the opposite direction as well as two cities at 20 and 35 km from here. The village is small and very peaceful. It is located in a small valley surrounded by hills. The open fields and meadows dominate the surrounding area which also includes the river and a few small packs of forest. The village has more inhabitants during the period from spring until autumn as most of the properties belong to retired people. They come back here every year to grow their own vegetables and fruits in the gardens. The river is about 500 meters away from here. Around its banks one can enjoy fishing or have a lovely picnic in the open. Old property with lots of potential and great location up for sale.

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