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Old bread manufacturing facility with commercial area, storage and land situated in the center of a big village 60 km away from Vratsa, Bulgaria

17 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3164

Industrial facilities

For Sale

in the countryside

Area:  570 m2

Living area:  225 m2

Floors:  1

Rooms:  6


Former bread manufacturing facility for sale. The property represents an old industrial bakery with commercial and storage areas situated 50 meters away from the center of a big village located in the Northwest of Bulgaria. The place had been out of use for a couple of years now and requires minor work here and there as well as better, modern equipment. The building has one floor and is divided in several big premises. It has separate entrances leading to the rooms inside. The left side of the building begins with a corridor which serves as connection to a bathroom, dressing room and small office. The right side of the building has different entrance. Through the front door, one enters into the former shop which also has a kiosk section at the corner. Behind the commercial zone is the manufacturing area with the old furnace and the production hall. Next is the storage area. From here you can enter a small closet to the right or cross the whole room and go into the yard. In the closet one can find the fuse box for the building as well as built-in fresh water well. The well was used as an emergency source of water for the manufacturing process many years ago but after some work it can still serve its purpose today too. The building has main water supply but it was provided with the well due to the importance of the products being manufactured here. The yard provides some open space in which one can find an addition to the main structure. This annex was the old furnace which used diesel instead of electricity. It was not demolished as there were plans to use it as boiler room for a central heating system. Unfortunately these plans never came to fruition as the sellers gave up on their business due to health problems. Most of the windows and doors on the building have been changed with new, double-glazed made of PVC. Half of the roof has been revised and all floors are covered with terracotta tiles. The bathroom consists of shower and toilet and is almost new. The premises provide lots of covered space and in most of them the height of the ceiling is more than 3 meters. The property is in overall good condition and requires minor renovations. It has very good location just 50 meters away from the exact center of the village. There is a school in proximity too. The property has good road access as it is situated on the corner of two streets with tarmac cover. One of these streets is very busy as it connects the outskirts of the village with the center and there are many people using it. The nearest town is just about 8 km away from here. There one can find hospital, police station, banks & ATMs, many shops, café-bars, a couple of restaurants, library, cinema, etc. The village also has grocery stores, restaurant, café-bar, church, post office, library. There is a small river passing a few kilometers away from the property. The regional center Vratsa is about 50 km from here, while Sofia is 150 km away. It takes about 2 & ½ hours to get to Sofia from here by car. The area around the village is agricultural and is used only for farming. There is no industry for miles so all the products here are organic and can be used in the manufacturing process. Solid property with spacious premises suitable for a business project. 

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