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Four plots of land with good road access, possibility for building and in proximity to forest, mountain and big city

230 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3544

Regulated plot of land

For Sale

near forests

Area:  23000 m2

Living area:  0 m2


Four big plots of land with road access in proximity to forest and big city in the Northwest of Bulgaria up for sale. The properties are situated several kilometers outside the city of Vratsa. Three of the plots are regulated land and are suitable for construction. Their total area is 18000 sq.m. The fourth plot of land is 4999 sq.m. and is non-regulated land but its status can also be changed. Three of the plots are neighboring – the non-regulated one which is 4999 sq.m. and two of the regulated which are with total area of 11000 sq.m. The fourth plot of land is several properties away from these three. All plots have access to a tarmac road which goes to the city. There is also a bus stop about 500 meters away from here which is serviced by buses going to the town and the near villages. The area where the properties are situated is in the outskirts of a forest villa zone. Currently the plots don`t have running water and electricity but they can be supplied with these. Vratsa is about 5 km away from here. The city is the center of the local council and also regional capital city. It is 110 km away from the national capital Sofia and can be reached over road and rail for less than two hours. The town has good infrastructure and offers many interesting places such as museums, tourist sites, historical landmarks, lots of shops, bars, hotels, coffee shops. The business in town includes good construction companies which are able to build houses and villas in locations like the one of these land plots. The city also provides regional hospital, good dental care, fire station, police station, car service stations, gas stations, various shops and stores for everything from tools, construction materials and furniture to electrical appliances, clothes, shoes and jewelry. The town has many supermarkets, several hotels, lovely restaurants, bars, parks and pedestrian area. There are big cave, ski track, lake and nature park in close proximity to the city. The new road which will soon connect Vratsa and the Northwest with Sofia will decrease the travel time from the area to Sofia International Airport to about just over one hour by car. Good real estate purchase possibility suitable for further development of business, residential or farming project in proximity to big city, forest and lovely nature.

   Regulated plot of land

   Plot of land

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