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Business property with land, good location and potential for further development

30 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3392

Commercial area

For Sale

in a village

Area:  1528 m2

Living area:  427 m2


Business property with big plot of land and lots of covered area situated in the center of a lively village 45 km north of the City of Vratsa, Bulgaria. The real estate consists of two buildings and regulated land suitable for construction. The main building dates back to the late 1970`s and was built to serve as general store and supermarket. Currently it is divided into four premises – construction material store, general store, pharmacy and farmer`s shop. Each shop has its own independent entrance located at the front of the building as well as its own storage. A long corridor situated at the back of the building connects all shops and provides access to additional storage areas at both ends of the structure. The corridor also gives access to the toilet and the two premises which used to be shower rooms. There is a short loading ramp at the front and a possibility to build a second loading dock at the back. The structure of the main building is made of steel and concrete so the place is very strong and solid. It`s front side is located on one of the main streets of the village connecting the square with the small farmer`s market, the mayor`s office, the post office, church and library. The road leading to here is with tarmac cover and provides easy access all year round. The property belongs to a family which is eager to sale the whole place together with the company running the business. All four businesses in the real estate are actually monopolies in the area as the nearest competition is about 10 miles away from here. The area behind the main building reaches a small gully and if cleared can provide plenty of space which can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the possible uses of the place is to transform it into a restaurant and use the area at the back as outdoor space. This business venture is a good chance as the nearest restaurant is more than 15 miles away from here. The old building visible on the photos is part of the property and used to be a store for electrical equipment and appliances but had been abandoned many years ago and requires lots of work in order to be brought back to good, usable state. This structure dates back to the mid 1930`s and offers shopping area, very big and spacious storage as well as one living room in the loft. The whole real estate is located in a good area, in a village which is very popular among foreigners. There are several families from Belgium living here all year round, as well as many who come during the summer. There are also people from England, The Netherlands, Germany, etc. Big business property with lots of potential at a fair price.

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