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Big plot of land suitable for further development situated on an important international road 3 km away from big town

482 000 €

Montana district

№: 3104

Business area

For Sale

near forests

Area:  7411 m2

Living area:  0 m2


Spacious plot of land situated next to an important and busy international road just 3 km away from big town and about 100 km from Sofia, Bulgaria. The plot has access to the main road and is surrounded by tarmac from three sides. It is flat and provides enough space for the development of a business. There is an old motel just a few meters away from the plot. It is closed at the moment but together with the land, both properties can be used for the development of a big business like motel with gas station and truck parking. There is electricity at the border of the property and the waterlines are in close proximity so any future building can be supplied easily with water and electricity. The property is located just 2-3 kilometers away from big town which is also the regional capital of the area. It is well developed and within the last few years its economy is growing steadily. The road which passes next to the property is international road part of the Transeuropean road network and serves as an important link between the East and the West. A big amount of commodities from Turkey, the Middle East and some countries in Asia goes over this road in order to reach Central, North and West Europe. The road is also significant for its role as a connection between Bulgaria, Romania and Central Europe. The area is about 100 km north from the national capital Sofia. In 30 km distance from here one can visit spa resort and ski resort. There are projects for the continuous development of both resorts as well as for the creation of a second ski resort about 60-70 km from here. If all of these come to fruition the traffic in the area will also grow significantly. There is already a project started by the government for the upgrade of the near road into a highway and it is expected to happen within the next several years.Big plot of land with nice location and substantial potential for further development.

   Plot of land

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