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Big countryside property with several houses, vast plot of land, quiet location and nice panoramic views just 2 hours away from Sofia, Bulgaria

35 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3170


For Sale

in the countryside

Area:  11578 m2

Living area:  450 m2

Floors:  2

Rooms:  15


Big rural property with several houses and spacious plot of land located in the outskirts of a quiet village 120 km away from Sofia, Bulgaria. There are overall five buildings here. Three of them are houses and the other two are used as storages. The first two houses are located next to one another. House №1 dates back to the 1960s and has solid structure with concrete plates between the floors. There are two levels here connected via solid external staircase located at the back. Downstairs one enters into a short corridor which connects a small shower room with kitchen and living room. Upstairs a very short balcony leads into spacious living room with terrace and one bedroom. From this floor one can enjoy great panoramic views towards the near mountains as well as at distant hills, forest, the street and the rest of the village. This building is in good condition and with a bit of work it can be easily turned into proper living space. Next is house №2. It represents an older structure dating back to the 1930s. The house has one floor which consists of lobby, spacious common room with area for kitchenette, living room and one bedroom. Outside one can find a big storage area which connects this structure to another solid building. This one was designed as a house and can be turned into living space despite being used in the past as hay depot. The latter building and the 1930s house have very solid stone foundations. Crossing the vast plot leads us to the third house. This is the biggest property in here as far as the internal area is being concerned. House №3 offers authentic old architecture dating back to the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It has two floors. The ground level consists of two very big rooms which were designed and being used as basements or storage rooms. These premises have been rewired and can be easily converted into living space while still keeping the authentic looks of the place. Going around the side of the building one can enter the second floor. Here a corridor leads you to a common room from which one can enter into three other rooms ( living room, bedroom and closet) or go to the nice wooden terrace and enjoy the sun. The common room provides lots of internal space and can be turned into a big living room with kitchenette and dining area. The existing living room can be transformed into second bedroom and the closet was left for the creation of a nice & cosy bathroom. This house had received repairs as it has several new windows and doors, new wiring in some of the rooms and the roof had been revised. Across from here is the dirt yard where the animals used to live in the past. Here at the corner you can see the last building – the oldest house in the property. It dates back to the 19th century but time had taken its toll and the place needs substantial repairs in order to be restored. There are corridor and three rooms upstairs and a covered storage under a section of the house. In the past this area was used to provide shelter for the horse cart and for the horse itself. All of the buildings in the property are located in its lower section. The whole place is on a small hill situated in the outskirts of the village. From the land that comes with the houses, 2/3 is regulated land which is suitable for building and the other 1/3 is farming land. There are many fruit trees in the yard such as plums, walnuts, peaches, etc. The property has several entrances and gates connecting it to the near street. In the yard one can find a small children playground too. The property has main water supply and electricity. The internet and mobile reception in the area is very good. There is a small well in the yard as well as a water spring just about 20 meters away from the property. The village where the house is situated is in the mountains about 120 km north of the national capital Sofia. It is a small and quiet place suitable for people seeking rest and relaxation away from the busy cities. The property is suitable for the establishment of a small community of friends who want to have holiday homes in proximity to each other. There is a train stop about 6 km away from here and a big river at 7 km distance. The village has a grocery store, café-bar and post office located in about 5 minutes distance with a car. There are two towns about 20 km from here and Sofia International Airport is 2 hours away by car. Great countryside property with lots of covered area, land and potential for further development and business. 

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