Big industrial property with great location up for sale

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  • € 230 000(35.18 € / m2)
  • Offer №:3122
  • Deal:For sale
  • Location:city of Vratsa
  • Near by:near town
  • Type:Industrial facilities
  • Area:6537 m2
  • Living area:7567 m2
  • Floor/s:4
  • Rooms:40

Former bread production facility for sale. Big industrial property for the production of bread and pastry products situated in one of the industrial areas of a big city in the Northwest of Bulgaria. The property consists of several spacious and solid buildings erected in 1978. The bread factory was the main manufacturer and supplier of  pastry products for the city and its surrounding area meeting the demand of about 150 000 customers. The production stopped a few years ago but it can be restarted after some minor investments in the facilities and equipment. Currently only some areas of the property are in use – mainly the garages and storages. The property comes with 6537 sq.m. of land in regulation. The overall covered area of all buildings is vast and amounts 7567 sq.m. The main building is a four storey solid structure made of concrete, steel and bricks. It has one floor below ground and four floors above. The sub-ground level holds dressing rooms and canteen for the staff as well as the heating facilities for the complex and has an area of 1330 sq.m. Above it is the ground floor which has the manufacturing premises and is with overall area of 2097 sq.m. The upper level holds the administrative offices and preparation unit. Altogether these are 1370 sq.m. of  covered area here. The third floor is much smaller and is grain/flour storage with area of 400 sq.m. On top is the water storage with area of 110 sq.m.  The second building has three floors – one below ground and two above the ground level. Here the underground floor holds cooling chambers and freezers, dressing rooms, shower rooms and bathrooms with area of 250 sq.m. Above them is the premise used for the production of pastry and cakes with overall area of 640 sq.m. along with washing rooms and storage with area of 420 sq.m., another manufacturing premise with loading docks of 655 sq.m., pastry shop of 125 sq.m. The second floor has administrative department, offices, workshop and carpentry as well as several garages and total area of 612 sq.m. The other existing buildings are small structures spread across the facility. The plot of land that comes with the buildings is covered with concrete and tarmac and can be used as parking or open air storage. The property is located in proximity to one of the main boulevards of the city and just next to the train station. The premises are big, spacious, solid and with some repairs can be transformed into various types of production facilities. The location of the property is very good as it is close to two different type of transport and at the meantime is situated in one of the biggest industrial areas in the city in proximity to several small factories, big construction material store, hospital, high school and storage areas. All of these provide a certain number of customers if the main activity is restarted at least partially. With its location and covered area the property is a very good offer for a future investment into the town. It is the regional capital for this area and with population of more than 60000 citizens (only in the city, excluding the other nearby towns and villages) provides a substantial mass of customers or employees depending on the plans of the new owner. Big industrial facility with lots of covered area, regulated land and possibilities for further development and establishment of a prosperous business.  For more views from the property use Google Maps and enter those coordinates to get an impression of the size and condition of the property -> 43°12'35.6"N 23°33'27.0"E

  • Regulated plot of land
  • Masonry
  • Plot of land
  • Act 16
  • Garage
  • Parking space
  • Water
  • Local heating
  • Electricity
  • Road
  • Sewer system

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