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Big rural property with house, garage, annex, barn and land located in a quiet village half an hour away from two big cities in the Northwest of Bulgaria

13 000 €

Vratsa district

№: 3346


For Sale

in a village

Area:  1036 m2

Living area:  200 m2


Big rural property with annex, garage, barn and storage buildings situated in the outskirts of a quiet village 40 km away from Vratsa, Bulgaria. The house has two floors with separate entrances. The ground level can be reached through a main door located from the side of the street. Here you go into a small lobby from which you enter into a corridor. This area connects the lobby with one bedroom, living room with kitchenette and small bathroom with toilet. Next to the living room is the garage which can be entered through a separate door facing the street. It is possible to make a passage with a door thus creating a straight connection between the garage and the rooms on the ground floor without the necessity to go around. The second floor has an entrance located at the back side of the property. To get there one has to enter into the yard, climb a short staircase to the terrace and go through the door. Once you pass the door you get into a big sitting area which with some small amount of work can become a great living room with kitchenette up in the far corner. From here you can proceed further into the house and walk into a corridor which connects three bedrooms – master bedroom, second bedroom (roughly equal by size with the master) and a third, smaller bedroom which is more suitable for a child`s room. The two floors are not connected by internal or external staircase although there are possibilities to make both. The property comes with several additional buildings and is surrounded with solid fence from all sides except from the side of the street where a section is made of wire and pillars. Next to the house one can find a driveway which provides access of vehicles from the street into the yard. Here is a row of buildings which starts at the street and goes all the way to the far end corner of the property. In this row of structures one can find two habitable rooms (kitchen and living room), an old bathroom, two storage rooms, covered area (suitable for conversion into a second garage for small car) as well as a few premises that served as farming structures in the past and provided shelter for sheep, chicken, geese, turkeys, pigs and goats long time ago. Near those last small buildings is the barn. It represents a solid one level structure with huge amount of open plan space inside. Currently it is used as storage and small workshop but in the past it was part of a small business that the previous owners had. This building is connected with the driveway and provides direct vehicle access to the inside area of the barn through a double gate. The rest of the plot of land is located between the row of buildings, the house and the barn. It has vines, fruit trees, flowers, strawberries and some open space which is used as vegetable garden. The property is located in a quiet area within the limits of the village and not far away both from the center and the outskirts. The settlement is relatively small with most of the houses being empty from late autumn up to early spring as many of the locals move into the towns for the winter season. The nearest shop is about 10-15 minutes away by foot or at about 5 minutes driving distance with a car. There one can buy small stuff for everyday living. One of the neighboring villages (about 10 km from here) is a big settlement which provides many amenities such as supermarkets, shops, construction material store, ATM, etc. The area has good internet and phone coverage as well as satellite TV signal. The nearest town is about 20 km away from here and it is the seat of the local council. There one can find school and kindergarten, police station, fire station, emergency room, gas station, train station with direct trains to Sofia, the regional capital city Vratsa and other parts of Bulgaria. Big rural property located in a small and peaceful countryside village just about 40 minutes away from two big cities in the Northwest of Bulgaria.

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